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From the 1st of January 2024,
THOMS Aviation became

The reason behind the rebranding is that we believe that the name and design of THOMS Aviation no longer fit with the message we want to put out in the world, which is:
sustainability and water saving.

We are formerly known as THOMS Aviation with our headquarters at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.
Thomas de Boer started this company back in 2013 after many years of handling companies and de-icing aircraft.
Back then aircraft were wet washed using thousands of liters of water per wash. This meant that all the pollution, hydrolic- and de-icing fluids were leaked into the ground (water).
At the time the idea of washing an aircraft without water was very new and innovative. Since then potable water has become scarcer, not only in different parts of the world but also in Europe. And that's, our Why!

Now, 10 years later we have a lot of experience Dry Washing all types of aircraft. We do this with a great and reliable team. A team that’s part of the family, as IMPACT Aero is a family business with two generations. We involve every member in every decision we make because we care and appreciate about everyone's opinion. We treat everyone in our team equally because we don't believe in a hierarchy.

Our Story

our founder and ceo of impact aero thomas de boer

We care about people, planet and profit.

At IMPACT Aero we make sure that all our products and processes are not only environmentally friendly but also friendly for people. Within IMPACT we value each and everyone because we make the IMPACT together.

Sustainability is our number one priority. We apply this mission throughout the whole company, from washing an aircraft to the recycled toilet paper at the office. Read more on our Sustainability page.

Not only are our services sustainable but we also make sure that we stay transparent in our costs and revenue to ensure durable and long-lasting relationships.

What We Value

the key values of impact aero with the main focus on sustainability

Thomas de Boer

CEO - Founder

thomas de boer founder and ceo of impact aero

Amber de Boer

General Manager

amber de boer general manager of impact aero

Nina Ireland

Marketing Specialist

nina ireland marketing specialist of impact aero

Meet The Team


impact aero team
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