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Our business proposition is entirely based on preventing water wastage and spillage. Not only the service, but the entire process is set up in such a way that it has a minimal impact on the environment. 

At IMPACT Aero, we continuously strive for sustainability to minimize our own carbon footprint. 

Water has become a scarce good on all our continents and will become scarcer.
We think it’s important to not waste or use water inefficiently.
Our Dry Wash solutions save up to 5,000 liters without creating wastewater while Dry Washing a narrow body.
For a wide body, this will be up to 12,000 liters. 
By using Dry Wash, the wash interval can be reduced by a minimum of 50%. 

We are very proud to say that we are ambassador for MADE BLUE.
We started this ambassadorship in the second quarter of 2022.

With our Dry Wash services, we  save a lot of water every year. But why only save water when we can donate every liter we save to areas in the world where people do not have access to drink water? 

Clean drink water

On our behalf, MADE BLUE invests in water supplies in countries with permanent water scarcity, such as in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam. They do this in a very transparent and sustainable manner. You can read all about it on the MADE BLUE website.
As we mentioned before, we try to set up not only the service but the entire process as sustainable as possible.
That’s why in coorporation with MEWA Textile Services, all our used cloths material are washed in an environmentally friendly manner. The chemical residues absorbed by the microfiber cloth are treated so that residues can be disposed and separated.
As a result, the water can be re-used. 

The aviation industry is not the only industry in which we make a difference. Bus and train companies have embraced the IMPACT business proposition as well.
For more information visit  IMPACT WORX


Together with MADE BLUE, we are able to give back every liter we save!

Our Commitments

By using the Dry Wash method to clean aircraft, we protect the surface and the paint of the aircraft.
The unique formula of our Dry Wash products contains carnuba/ceramic wax which prevents pollution and dirt from sticking and absorbing into the painted surface.
This makes it easier to clean and maintains the shine of the aircraft.
Based on our experience, our Dry Wash method enhances paint life by up to 35%.

Paint Life

When a surface is smooth there is less resistance and thus can create aerodynamic advantages.

By treating the surface of an aircraft with Dry Wash, we polish and protect the surface.

With less resistance to all the different kinds of pollution, there can be long-term savings of fuel.

We have started a study to be able to calculate fuel savings.

Saving Fuel

One of the benefits of using the Dry Wash method is being able to wash at any location (platform or gate).


Consequently, the aircraft doesn’t necessarily need to be towed to and from the hangar.

This saves time investments and emissions from towing trucks. 

Towing Costs

In January 2021, we have introduced the THOMS Aero Dry Wash products.

These products are water-based and partly organic.

This has less impact on staff and the environment.


Our Dry Wash Polish is approved by Transavia.

For more information visit

THOMS Trading.

Our Thoms Aero Products

At IMPACT, we always try to find new ways to recycle and up-cycle every tool that we use. 

Our purchasing policy is designed to buy tools with a high degree of repairability.

When a tool we use is broken, we first try to up-cycle it.

For example; a broken bucket now serves as a basket for some of our smaller products in our storage area.

It may not be useful as a bucket anymore but can be used in different ways!

Re- and Upcycling

We digitalized our entire administration and decreased our paper usage by 70% over the last 2 years.

Moreover, we choose to purchase our products in the most environmentally friendly way and if possible second-hand.

Our archive boxes are made from recycled paper and the roof of our office is covered with solar panels.

Which allows us to wash and dry our pads on solar energy.

We separate our waste and of course, we clean our vehicles with Dry Wash.

Even our toilet paper is from recycled paper!

At The Office

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