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All our services and products focus on sustainability, quality and efficiency. We have a wide range of services and make sure that your needs are met with our high quality solutions. 

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that our concept can be high quality and sustainable.

IMPACT Aero is specialized in washing aircraft in a durable manner. We use different kinds of Dry Wash solutions, this way we are able to save up to 5000 liters of water for one Boeing 737.

exterior dry wash service performed by impact aero on the body of an aircraft

IMPACT Aero provides airlines with an interior care package that includes a deep clean of the cabin, galleys, toilets, and cargo hold. We re-use our microfiber cloths and tools to make this process as sustainable as possible.

deep clean service being performed by impact aero on the inside of a boeing

THOMS Aero products are water-based and partly organic, this has less impact on staff and the environment.

For more information, please visit THOMS Trading's official website.

thoms aero dry wash polish product photo on the inside of an aircraft engine

Dry Wash Polish

The Dry Wash Polish services can be done inside a Hangar or outside during dry conditions. This is a complete waterless solution which can save up to 5000 liters of water for a Boeing 737. Moreover, the Dry Wash preserves the quality of the paint and can enhance it's life with a minimum of 30%. After this treatment, the aircraft is clean, polished and protected against all kinds of dirt. This wash can be performed during maintenance since there is no water needed thus no spillage, this way the engineers can continue the work during the wash. Which minimalises ground time.

Semi-Dry Wash

An exterior Semi-Dry Wash is a wash performed in combination with water. However, we are still able to save at least 95% of water in comparison to a traditional wet wash. This service can be performed in humid conditions at any location on an airport, but also inside Hangars. Because there is no spillage on the ground we are able to wash outside without harming the environment. All the chemicals, dirt, pollution and hydraulic fluids are collected on our pads and cloths and washed in an environmentally way. This service can also be performed during an A-check and/or B-check, which minimalises ground time. Because we can wash a narrow aircraft within four hours the wash can also be performed during night stops.

Technical Wash

By a technical wash, the landing gear and wheel well are being washed. We are able to use to products you desire. We prefer to perform a tech wash by using a steam method when washing inside a Hangar. We can also do a landing gear wipe down on stand if necessary.

Exterior Care


approval of boeing for thoms aero products used by impact aero
approval of mcdonnell douglas for thoms aero products used by impact aero
approval of airbus for thoms aero products used by impact aero
thomas de boer our ceo proud together with owner of transavia showing the cooperation with transavia

THOMS Aero is established with only one goal: Sharing our knowledge about aircraft appearance through our own manufactured products so we can help people and planet.  

Unmatched appearance  • Durable  • Minimum use of water

We want to share this technology, our enthusiasm and solutions with you. 
THOMS Aero provides an eco-orientated and friendly approach that reduces cost and enhances efficiency. The more we share our concept, the better for our planet Earth. 
We maintain partnerships with leading chemical companies to ensure we continually use products that are fit for purpose and respect the environment.

All the products are approved by Boeing, Airbus and Douglas and are made with years of aircraft cleaning experience. 


Cabin Care

We can provide a high-quality Cabin Deep Clean where we clean the cabin inside out, both visible and not-so-visible areas. From vacuum cleaning to removing gum from the carpet and from cleaning the phones and coffee maker in the galley to the sink in the toilets. This can be done at any desired location (hanger, platform, gate) and in any interval.

Cockpit Care

Our team is trained and specialized in cleaning cockpits. We can save costs and time for engineers and airlines by taking over this task. We have an eye for detail to make sure and keep the pilots satisfied. We disinfect the joystick, and all the control panels and vacuum the seats and framework. This can be done at any desired location in accordance with the AMM.

Cargo Care

We can clean the Cargo holds for both Commercial and Cargo aircraft. Making sure all the debris is picked up and the surface is vacuumed to ensure that the next cargo load will arrive safe and sound. Our team can disinfect and disinsect these areas as well in accordance with the AMM. For cargo aircraft we vacuum in between the rollers and identify broken or dysfunctional parts.

Interior Care

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